Hundreds of Thousands Dropout of University Each Year

University students are qualified to receive formal education but are unable to do so due to financial insecurities. Almost 800,000 students dropout of college each year due to financial stress itself. When you choose to support these students, they are able to succeed in order to collectively shape the future of our world.

Only $75 can feed a student for a week.

The Problem.

These students have unbreakable motivation and immense willingness to learn.

However, millions of students face financial barriers today:

Support to Empower

Don’t let their financial condition disable their way forward in life!

Support your alma mater today:

Contribute to students

A personalized contribution model with students’ details.

Contribute to universities

Make a difference at your alma mater.

General Fund

Financial aid for students via GrayKea.

How to Start Giving Today?

How can I ensure that the funds are being used solely for education?

GrayKea will send funds directly to the student’s university account, ensuring that it is only used towards tuition.

How do I know that the information shown in the student profile is correct?

We ask students to upload institutional documents such as transcripts, resume and bank statements to verify that all information is reported correctly.

Will you be expanding to other universities in the future?

Yes, absolutely! We plan to be in every 4 year public and private college in the future.

Do I have to pay any overhead charge when I make a contribution?

Yes, we charge a 3% service fee on every transaction. In addition, if you pay using a credit card, a credit card fee is added to your contribution.

Is the student’s real name displayed?

No, we are currently using persona names to protect students’ privacy.

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