Carving A Path Towards Enabling Students.

Graykea understands the importance of dreams, the value of education, and every step that a student takes towards change. We at Graykea, aim at changing lives by supporting young talent - enabling them to dream without any financial hindrance coming in their way.

Milestones to

We strongly believe in making education equally accessible to all.

We aim to foster a community of individuals passionate about alleviating students’ financial stress due to tuition - ensuring that no student sleeps hungry or without a home in the long run.

Reassuring Belief

GrayKea enables trust, transparency, and personalization

We aim at bringing students and alumni together to create a self-sustaining chain of giving. At GrayKea, we ensure education without hindrance - every student matters!

A Brighter Future

We understand the struggles of students at various levels of their education.

Hence, we envision GrayKea to be an enabling platform, ensuring that they maximize their potential without worrying about their finances. We want a brighter future for all our students!